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I love creating unique knitted, crocheted and beaded wearable works of art. I may start with a pattern or picture for ideas, but I put a creative twist on it so it will be uniquely yours. I also have great pattern books and supplies for you to make custom creations of your own at www.KCKnittyGritty/

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Writing my first pattern

Pattern Writing 101? Wouldn't this be an appropriate course for a Knitting degree... The gal has gone from needles and patterns, which to me always includes a variation or two to true creation? Yowza! Not as easy as it may seem. Hats off to all those who create patterns and share them, not an easy feat. A lot of trial and error, perfecting mock-ups, and a darn good eraser.

I started with a vibrant green, not lime or fluorescent, but lighter than the grass or kelly greens that are fun as well. A ribbed brim, stockinette stitch followed by a garter stitch crown tapering into a tail of bamboo and a new growth of leaves. First time doing free-from crochet with leaves, and when shown to my best friend and recent ex-fiance. He sweetly replies, "well this part," indicating the newly done leaves, "I call new growth." When I laugh robustly he smiles and quips, "They are no leaves I've ever seen!" A pull of the loose yarn, uravels the bumpy, not quite slender, branches.... Yes I admit they looked like branches, of new growth on my sweet bamboo baby hat.

Back to the drawing board!


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