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I love creating unique knitted, crocheted and beaded wearable works of art. I may start with a pattern or picture for ideas, but I put a creative twist on it so it will be uniquely yours. I also have great pattern books and supplies for you to make custom creations of your own at www.KCKnittyGritty/

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Been a Long Time Coming!

Summer is finally over... at least in my household.. while every other school in the Kansas City area has been back in session for a week or so, my son finally went today!! YAY! Focus on knitting and my key designs that will be available for sale on my KC Knitty Gritty site at Etsy! There are no listings on it now... but soon to come will be Knitty Kits and plastic vintage needles for travel knitting. I also will be rolling out a few designs of guantlets or fingerless gloves/arm warmers, hats, shrugs, legwarmers and tights. I have found some great patterns to tweak to my Knitty Gritty style and awwwwayyyyy I go!

Monday, June 13, 2011

NEW Shop for baby accessories and Photography props!

I have had these awesome product and model pictures done by and was stuck as to feelings about listing them on my KCKnittyGritty site... I actually want to have a sexier vision for the Gritty so I came up with KC Itty Bitty for the baby accessories and photography props venture that I am doing. I have 6 listings of headbands with coordinating bows on barrettes that can be used as the girl grows older and has more hair. To go to this site, please click on the title of this blog!

I also have three diaper covers and four hats done now. With the most recent being a blue and white striped "elf" hat or what I like to call my Baby Van Winkle hat. It has a long striped hat with tail and tassel. I can't wait for to use some of these knitted props in photos of new babies. Will be working on a natural ivory color hammock next. I hope to have these items listed for custom orders later this summer.

For the Gritty.... I am working on a super cute halter-style romper for a sexy lounge look at home for your mate. This is a sold order and hope to have some pictures for custom orders later. Any of the close fit knits will have to be custom order by design for each buyer. Like sexy shorts with lace up ribbon sides, bra and  bandeau type tops... Sexy mini dresses and tanks.

I also will be constructing some lacey and bootcut style leg warmers, arm gauntlets or fingerless gloves.... a scarf or shrug.... and these can be custom ordered with color/style and size of course. However I do plan on having a few made by fall for sale on my Etsy site.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Updates to my Etsy Store~Knitty Kits and FREE SHIPPING!

I am so excited to offer all-in-one packages for knitty fun! Each kit includes yarn, knitting needles/notions and a pattern. This week I am offering a 100% donation of proceeds from any of my 6 Knitty Kits to the tornado victims in Joplin, MO. Most are $20.70 and you have an options of a cabled floor pillow, slippers, fingerless gloves/hat, or wooly bag. Click the Title of this Blog and be taken straight to my store with listings for all 6 Knitty Kits!

Plus all new this week... ALL FREE SHIPPING!!! Yes it's true, I have slightly adjusted each price of the items in my store to offer free shipping to all of my U.S. customers on 145 of my listings. For my international customers, we will work out a discount shipping offer, just message me.

Patterns and Yarn Destash on eBay this week only!

I am liquidating some great vintage yarn for FREE SHIPPING! Yes, I will probably take a loss on this, but it has to be done! I am moving in 3 months and it's past time to destash. I also am putting some popular Leisure Arts pattern books on eBay starting at $0.99 with a $1.99 shipping cost. Each listing has extensive information on the fabulous projects in each magazine. Bid and Win today!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Writing my first pattern

Pattern Writing 101? Wouldn't this be an appropriate course for a Knitting degree... The gal has gone from needles and patterns, which to me always includes a variation or two to true creation? Yowza! Not as easy as it may seem. Hats off to all those who create patterns and share them, not an easy feat. A lot of trial and error, perfecting mock-ups, and a darn good eraser.

I started with a vibrant green, not lime or fluorescent, but lighter than the grass or kelly greens that are fun as well. A ribbed brim, stockinette stitch followed by a garter stitch crown tapering into a tail of bamboo and a new growth of leaves. First time doing free-from crochet with leaves, and when shown to my best friend and recent ex-fiance. He sweetly replies, "well this part," indicating the newly done leaves, "I call new growth." When I laugh robustly he smiles and quips, "They are no leaves I've ever seen!" A pull of the loose yarn, uravels the bumpy, not quite slender, branches.... Yes I admit they looked like branches, of new growth on my sweet bamboo baby hat.

Back to the drawing board!


Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Price is Right Game

I'm sorry Drew... but I miss Bob Barker! The price game older than I am, that I couldn't wait for summers to watch with my mom. The prices were a small fraction of what they are today... which we have .... to thank for. You know we are in trouble when you can't even find a decent cents sign to add to electronic writing.

So.... for my very own price game... I procure supplies, vintage and newer luxury yarns at a drastically wholesale price or below. I pass my savings on through my listings on my Etsy store. I have had some steady traffic, nothing mind boggling, but fair at my store. However, I do wonder if my prices are so shockingly low that viewers think I am selling crap? Smoke-infested yarn that has a musty smell from years of neglect? NO WAY! NO HOW!

I take very good care of my items and have a discerning eye (and nose!) when purchasing vintage items and wholesale yarn. I price to get my original cost back plus a very small profit and incorporate costs of listing and PayPal fees. I feel I would get more traffic if my shipping prices didn't have to be so high.... Yay for eBay to have calculated shipping. Please Etsy, follow suit! I have to high-ball shipping prices to ship for anywhere in the world. I have always offered a return of overcharge in shipping prices, but sadly it doesn't seem to be enough to draw more traffic.

STARTING NEXT WEEK! I am raising prices on all of my items for sale, and offering free shipping (to US only for now). If you want to take advantage of lower-than-wholesale prices on supplies, shop before Monday! I will still ship-by-weight and refund overcharges in shipping.

I also have a 15% OFF coupon code on

Thank you to all who have responded in kind with followings and likes on my pages!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Projects in the Works

Does a crafty girl ever only have one project working at a time??? I don't! I am finishing up my first ever joint-design-super-organized backpack for a great guy in sunny...err sorry Canada. :-) LOL The sewing is about done it is now time to pound some snaps for straps and construct the cushy backpack straps.  Say that 10 times fast...

Also in close second, ok well I've been dragging this little project out for awhile... are silver-and-black sparkley-stripey thigh-high leg-warmers.... Really going to have to create shorter names for these one-of-a-kind creations of mine. Just sayin...

Finally, last but not least... well only in terms of amount of yarn used are my newest collaboration with Christina Lundeen Photography to make adorable newborn hats and soakers/covers. I am working on another diaper cover and narrowing down options for hat ideas. Then on to baby hammocks! So cute!!

Crafting, blogging, designing patterns and oh yeah all that marketing business makes Anne quite the excited not dull gurl