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I love creating unique knitted, crocheted and beaded wearable works of art. I may start with a pattern or picture for ideas, but I put a creative twist on it so it will be uniquely yours. I also have great pattern books and supplies for you to make custom creations of your own at www.KCKnittyGritty/

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Been a Long Time Coming!

Summer is finally over... at least in my household.. while every other school in the Kansas City area has been back in session for a week or so, my son finally went today!! YAY! Focus on knitting and my key designs that will be available for sale on my KC Knitty Gritty site at Etsy! There are no listings on it now... but soon to come will be Knitty Kits and plastic vintage needles for travel knitting. I also will be rolling out a few designs of guantlets or fingerless gloves/arm warmers, hats, shrugs, legwarmers and tights. I have found some great patterns to tweak to my Knitty Gritty style and awwwwayyyyy I go!