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I love creating unique knitted, crocheted and beaded wearable works of art. I may start with a pattern or picture for ideas, but I put a creative twist on it so it will be uniquely yours. I also have great pattern books and supplies for you to make custom creations of your own at www.KCKnittyGritty/

Monday, June 13, 2011

NEW Shop for baby accessories and Photography props!

I have had these awesome product and model pictures done by and was stuck as to feelings about listing them on my KCKnittyGritty site... I actually want to have a sexier vision for the Gritty so I came up with KC Itty Bitty for the baby accessories and photography props venture that I am doing. I have 6 listings of headbands with coordinating bows on barrettes that can be used as the girl grows older and has more hair. To go to this site, please click on the title of this blog!

I also have three diaper covers and four hats done now. With the most recent being a blue and white striped "elf" hat or what I like to call my Baby Van Winkle hat. It has a long striped hat with tail and tassel. I can't wait for to use some of these knitted props in photos of new babies. Will be working on a natural ivory color hammock next. I hope to have these items listed for custom orders later this summer.

For the Gritty.... I am working on a super cute halter-style romper for a sexy lounge look at home for your mate. This is a sold order and hope to have some pictures for custom orders later. Any of the close fit knits will have to be custom order by design for each buyer. Like sexy shorts with lace up ribbon sides, bra and  bandeau type tops... Sexy mini dresses and tanks.

I also will be constructing some lacey and bootcut style leg warmers, arm gauntlets or fingerless gloves.... a scarf or shrug.... and these can be custom ordered with color/style and size of course. However I do plan on having a few made by fall for sale on my Etsy site.