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I love creating unique knitted, crocheted and beaded wearable works of art. I may start with a pattern or picture for ideas, but I put a creative twist on it so it will be uniquely yours. I also have great pattern books and supplies for you to make custom creations of your own at www.KCKnittyGritty/

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Price is Right Game

I'm sorry Drew... but I miss Bob Barker! The price game older than I am, that I couldn't wait for summers to watch with my mom. The prices were a small fraction of what they are today... which we have .... to thank for. You know we are in trouble when you can't even find a decent cents sign to add to electronic writing.

So.... for my very own price game... I procure supplies, vintage and newer luxury yarns at a drastically wholesale price or below. I pass my savings on through my listings on my Etsy store. I have had some steady traffic, nothing mind boggling, but fair at my store. However, I do wonder if my prices are so shockingly low that viewers think I am selling crap? Smoke-infested yarn that has a musty smell from years of neglect? NO WAY! NO HOW!

I take very good care of my items and have a discerning eye (and nose!) when purchasing vintage items and wholesale yarn. I price to get my original cost back plus a very small profit and incorporate costs of listing and PayPal fees. I feel I would get more traffic if my shipping prices didn't have to be so high.... Yay for eBay to have calculated shipping. Please Etsy, follow suit! I have to high-ball shipping prices to ship for anywhere in the world. I have always offered a return of overcharge in shipping prices, but sadly it doesn't seem to be enough to draw more traffic.

STARTING NEXT WEEK! I am raising prices on all of my items for sale, and offering free shipping (to US only for now). If you want to take advantage of lower-than-wholesale prices on supplies, shop before Monday! I will still ship-by-weight and refund overcharges in shipping.

I also have a 15% OFF coupon code on

Thank you to all who have responded in kind with followings and likes on my pages!

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